So after playing around a bit I knew I’d have to go to somewhere scary at night, so I recruited a mate and we went out middle of the night in the woods but everything now from all the failed shoots is starting to work out a bit more…I’m getting a more uniformed wave because I know I need space and distance to do that but then I also got a nice ‘crap’ wave that’s zip zagging through trees. The idea is that this wave travels everything, like the laws of QM they apply everywhere, but I also want to show that Quantum has a journey and this wave is travelling from the beginning to the end where it explodes…which I have currently no idea how I’m going to do that!

Some more messing about in the studio this time, I was seeing how these waves would turn out in a smaller environment. The idea being if I could get it all to work then I could have scenes more set up with props etc and it would look quite nice as the wave goes by them lighting them up. But nothing really worked that well, it’s really hard to get the wave to look like a wave a not a squiggly line whilst it really small. I had this great idea (that now seems very stupid) that I could chuck a load of bouncy balls in the air as I was doing it and they’d be bouncing around whilst I was painting the wave and the light would catch on a few of them buttttttt…nah they barely show up as blurs on long exposures. The only thing I got from working in the studio was this really nice sort of plasma like wave which is that blue/smokey trail off the main line…I resulted myself that if I had to do any shots in here thens is going to had to be with no props which may result in a boring wave that wouldn’t be worth doing but if I could really amp up the blue/smokey bits then that would look cool….the only probably is that without something else in the scene you get no depth on field and it just looks like the glow line I created in photoshop as an example. So more messing…

I want to use this so badly with Quantum, as the look of it is going something. that glows or lights up for the cover would be really cool! Like with this as well it could have some idea behind it about how you’d find the book, so like with this if you’re in the library late night you going to have to get up and look at this book…although why would you be in a dark library? But this is something to keep in mind!

I also bought some of this glow in the dark silly string, definitely didn’t work I couldn’t get it to come out all and it’s rubbish it only glows after you shine a light on it for ages and then it’s on the floor so pretty pointless!

So I was messing about again last night with this light wave - I went out and bought a couple of different torches and light. I think it’s definitely a case of trail on error in terms of getting the right shape of the wave - but I need a space where I’m not tripping over chairs and running around obstacles. I think I’ve got the settings right now…in this case there are 2 street lights that spoil it but without them you’d only get the radiance of the light that I create and not the orange glow lighting up the whole thing. I also tried to create light to represent the particles…at first I had this strobe light effect which didn’t work out looks quite cool though but not what I wanted I then just shone the light and you get these star effects which look alright but they aren’t small enough so I need a smaller torch I think for these and to give them less time to be exposed. I’m going to try this again in a more controlled environment and do this on a much smaller scale and see what it’s like as well.

So today was all about messing about…back onto Quantum, I had a conversation with Lee the other week about this wave pattern I wanted to use in the book as a way to format the layout. He suggested I look at how I could make this wave as the one I was working with look really flat (it was just a photoshop…suddenly occurred to me over the weekend that is almost certainly should be light, its completely relevant to the story is in the essence THE story. So I’ve seen as I’m sure we all have these light graffiti photo’s I thought that would be an obvious place to start, so I got in the darkest room at uni whilst everyone is off for Easter and gave it a go…turned out terrible but I learnt a couple of things….it really needs to be night no matter how tightly the blinds are shut in the room light finds a way in and on long exposure the camera finds all of it! Also it’s really bloody hard to make a perfect wave on the scale I was trying it so I need to plan this a little better….I think I need to either step something up so I can trace of follow the line I want to follow better orrrr I do it on a smaller scale where I can control the flow more. I really like how the wave then lights up parts it comes into contact with so with a brighter light that looks less solid I could play with this and maybe bring some more interesting stuff to light up…bits that could also be used to tell the story! Also those lens flares look really cool so maybe I could use those as my wave breaks into it’s quantum or particle stage in the latter stages of the story. Another thing I realised today almost by accident is that I don’t have to rely completely on the old photographs I have found of the peoples in the story, I’ve done it really quickly (and badly) above with Max Plancks oversized head dumped onto my body…so now maybe I can have them interacting with the light wave….it could start from his hands, become distorted by someone else and blasted into particles by someone. So now for more messing about, but slightly more educated messing, I’m going to try it big again tonight with better lights, I’m going to get more lights different sizes and shapes and see what I can do with them, and I’m going to try tomorrow perhaps using a projector instead I think theres a load of ways I can do this I just need to muck about enough and find one that works! Also as well I need to think about what space I’m going to do this out of those 2 research images at the bottom the one of the left is it in this really nice space so I need to think about where I’m doing this!


So this is a freelance job I have at the moment that I’ll be submitting as part of my NMP. Monty’s is a new Salford based pizzeria the brief was very loose, the owner wanted to do something with the blank walls, I’d sent him over some of the illustration work I’d done previously for Safari and suggested we could do something similar in style to suit the place. So we had a meeting and discussed the idea of initially doing something based around Salford legends, historic buildings etc and I’d prepared the quick giggly mock up above and then we talked about bringing in the pizza imagery into it and looking at classic ingredients and the heritage of pizza. This is the first initially mock up to get some feed back on it….I sort of feel now having done one that it’s going to hard to put a mix of Salford legends, pizza etc all into because it won’t contrast enough in the composition…but we’ll see how this one goes.

Website design shots for Jules.

Sprites and site design work for Pro Con 3, I change the homepage images in separate files (as they were sprites rather than slices) thats why it looks different on here!

Website Evaluation - ProCon3

So website finally up and running, I’m happier with the new layout compared to the last…I’m glad I ditched the monochomery and also that top banner which I was sort of hanging onto because I wanted to use my logo but it was kind of pointless…but I have kept the top banner there in the coding so I can use it in the future incase I want to promote something or whatever! I’m really happy with my info page…its the sort of page I never know really want to put on there, I hate writing the about me but I made a conscious choice to keep it very light…I want my work to do the talking really, but I wanted something in that area to show a bit of personality off which I think it’s doing…and all my links are in there for people wanting to dig a bit deeper. I designed the site at 1200px wide, which I think onscreen works much nicer…I get bigger project pics etc. Also I’m happy I got the fixed navigation bar working, it’s pretty redundant until you go in the projects but then it works well.

There are a few things I want to and still need to look at…firstly the navigation doesn’t work well on mobile, thats something I need to learn how to do and make the site more responsive. Secondly I’d really like to redo all the hovers on the projects…there’s no elegance too them I want fade in’s and out’s…they look a bit cheap at the moment! Also the project pages really need tidying up…I need a better format for all the images, for projects like the landing which are the photos I was able to put in at the same size it works quite nicely but then with a project like safari with all different bits at different sizes it all ends up a bit thrown together, I also need to add more description to each project explaining different elements so this is something I’m going to look at and come up with a more organised and neater way to display everything.

Overall I’m happy with it…but it anything it’s shown me how much I need to learn…theres that big thing about mobile first now and I should of designed like that! But I think this site is definitely an improvement to my last one and it’s nice to get rid of some of those old projects and throw in my new ones!

Right ProCon, I’m just posted a video up of the site before the change….I was going to upload the original homepage before I started tinkering with it as well…but I think I’m going to get in a muddle if I do that…So this is what I had before, the reason why I’m changing is that as I’ve come to look at it again I don’t like it I want it more full screen and more like this so seen as we’ve got a couple days before the hand in I’m going to work on it a bit more.

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